Web 101

The Internet in 30 Seconds

There have been three waves in the Internet as a communication and marketing medium.

Circa 1997 - Get A Flag, Any Flag

Early on, it was important to get any presence on the web. Even a one page website, with just contact information and your logo, sufficed for a couple of years while the world figured out what the Internet was going to become.

Circa 2001 - Throw It All on The Wall

Once the initial fever was over, and everyone had at least a page or two up, the search engines came along to organize all the information. These early engines generously rewarded websites with lots of content on them. So everyone started covering their websites with as many sections, pages, files and keywords as possible. Usability, clarity of message and simplicity were second to giving the visitor everything under the sun.

Circa Now - Billboard Time

Now that the search engines have evolved, and the number of web pages is in the billions, it is easy to quickly search for information and hit MULTIPLE sites. This means the time that a visitor gives your website has dropped significantly, particularly if the website seems kludgy, overflowing or is off message. Now, you've got to grab a visitor in about the time it takes a driver to read a billboard.

What This Means For You

Here we go...

Talk Better

Your todo list : Streamline your existing website, throw out unnecessary pages and information, identify your highest and best types of visitors and talk to them. If you need your first website, build it to the point and aimed at your customer base. That's it. If your website is on message for 75% of all visitors that come to it, you are winning the information war. KCN Solutions guides all of its clients through a proprietary process to ensure their websites are on message and correctly positioned.

We Are Your Experts

Marketing is often a tedious process with unclear ROI. We support your existing marketing resources and initiatives, or spearhead it. At the core? Our processes painlessly get to the bottom of what you need from your website, and then we deliver it to you done right.

Look Inside

Look around our website. It is not jam packed with junk, and each page is short and sweet. Ask yourself, am I a potential client of KCN Solutions? If yes, is this website talking to me? If the answer to that one is yes, our website is doing its job well. Is your website doing its job?