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Real Estate Specialists

We say that real estate listings are about the most data-intensive thing commonly found on the Internet. For the average person, the only thing that compares to the amount of information contained in a single listing is their tax returns. Trusting your online success to someone unfamiliar with what is required is a receipe for an unhappy client, an over-budget project and a frustrated development partner.

Residential Services

KCN Solutions provides online strategy and initiative development for residential professionals, from single agents to residential firms. Our experience and familiarity with things such as podcasts, RSS, IDX/VOW, text messaging and industry-changing emerging technologies allows us to design and implement a sophisticated strategy for you quickly and painlessly. Call us at (866) 875-8622 ext 1 to discuss your needs.

Commercial Experts

As a strategic decision to better serve an exciting industry, in 2000 we set the goal of becoming experts in the commercial real estate field. Over the course of the ensuing ten years, by developing many commercial real estate online initiatives, as well as being involved in several real estate technology initiatives, we can now rightfully claim that our knowledge of the industry as an online initiative service provider is second to none. Drum up your toughest questions, call us at (866) 875-8622 ext 1 and give us fifteen minutes to prove it to you.

Why Choose KCN

  1. Long Time Real Estate Specialists

    We have been working closely on web initiatives with many real estate brokers and firms, on a national basis, for over 13 years.
  2. Enterprise Solutions For Your Listings

    KCN Solutions is an iProp integrator, which is a system that allows real estate companies to manage complex listing data on their website, efficiently. We have some pretty neat other toys that our clients get access to as well to help them market widely with as little time requirements as possible.
  3. Haven't Seen It All, But We've Seen Most

    We probably know your particular part of the industry already. Whether its residential vacation rental to retail-focused REITs, we've worked with a lot of folks doing a lot of different things.
  4. Competitive Analysis - Already Up to Speed

    We know who your customers are, who your competition is, how to get visitors to your site, and what needs to be on your site when they get there.
  5. Spend Your Time With Us Brainstorming, Not Teaching

    Because we know real estate, our ideas are on target, creative and designed to distinguish you from the thousands of other sites we've reviewed. Lots of companies do (bad) template-based real estate websites. Almost none of them are going to know what triple net leasing is, what should be in an offering package, and what resources you use to lookup market comps for commercial versus residential. We do, and more importantly, we make informed suggestions to help you position your information correctly the first time.
  6. Get More Eyeballs on Your Inventory

    We keep tabs on over 30 listing services, not including your local MLS. With more than a few, we have the founder's cell number! And we can help you market your listings to a large number of them automatically with no additional time on your part.
  7. Get on the First Page of Google

    For some of our customers, being right at the top of search results is critical to their success. Again, because we know the industry, we can help you select keywords that will bring you results, and then we can get you in the top five results for those keywords.
  8. Reach Out To Your Customer Base

    Email marketing done right is super powerful. Email marketing done wrong literally erodes the value of your brand. As experts who have worked with nearly every sector of the industry, we can steer you in the right direction to get the results you want. Oh, and we know how to do social media for real estate pretty well, too.
  9. Pick Your Price

    We recognize that different customers need different things. One of the unique ways that we help our clients manage a website project is by offering multiple pricing structures. This lets you, the customer, decide how you want to pay, how much and when.
  10. We'll Pay You

    We've all heard the horror stories of the web guy who never delivers. We are so confident in our abilities to deliver the right site to you, on time, that we guarantee it. If we miss a deadline, you don't pay for that step of the project.

Free Unsolicited Advice

When talking to a web firm for your real estate project, find out how familiar they are with the industry in general and your segment in particular. Real estate on the web is very complex and diverse: just because someone has done a residential site or two, don't assume they have any idea what a commercial site needs, how you market commercial property differently, national and local market trends. Same goes for residential, property management, development and investment.

Don't take our word for it, look at our portfolio page of some of our clients (link) and read our testimonials, you might know some of them. Then pick up the phone and call us at (866) 875-8622 ext 1, we are ready to talk about your business, your goals and how to put the right things on your site.